And yet, Russo-Ukrainian conflict fills the hearts of people worldwide with pain

  • When will this come to an end?
  • It has been over a year since the Russo-Ukrainian war began. On February 24, 2022, conflict heightened after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the world’s power was divided in two halves. And even a year later, the war has not ended, in addition to the world facing a humanitarian and economic crisis.

    The United States, Europe and some Asian countries are in favour of Ukraine, while some nations directly and indirectly support the Russian Federation. They have given a large amount of state-of-the-art weapons and money to Ukraine and helped fuel the war for their own economic benefit.

    Russia and Ukraine are greatly impacted by the US. The US was the one who initiated the propaganda since they were aware that inviting Ukraine to join NATO would alarm Russia. The country was unaware that the crisis would spiral out of hand in this way.

    Every governmental entity is working to pursue its own goals rather than assisting people who are in need. The countries buying fuel from Russia don’t want the war to end so they can profit from it, and the people selling weapons want it to continue so they can deliver their supplies to Ukraine.

    Nobody is clear about their stand and they simply care about making money. I neither sell weapons nor personally profit from Russia’s fuel sales, and all I want is for this war to end. There is a need for a diplomatic solution over an inhumane military execution to this problem.

    Only going to conferences and doing big talks isn’t the job of the president, the prime minister, the ambassador, governmental representatives and the representatives of organisations like the NATO, EU, UNO. The only thing they have been doing is having fun with the incentives they are provided for, travelling various places in the name of meetings while doing absolutely nothing for the people who are directly and indirectly suffering due to the war.

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    The inflation caused by the war which has driven common people to suicide and homicide has made no impact whatsoever in the lives of the people who are enjoying warming their seats on the upper level. They get paid by the tax-payers money and do not need to struggle every single day wondering if they will be able to eat that night or not. It must be easy to be that dense and carefree when you get paid for your position whether you work or not.

    They need to act according to the power vested upon them and do something to stop the war instead of fueling it for their personal gain. This is a problem that can be solved by talks and not by the use of weapons. But all they have been doing is running away from their responsibility.

    The war has not only made the situation economically weak and struck only Russia and Ukraine. The impact of the war has been felt even in a third country like Nepal.

    The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is to blame for the recent record-low depreciation of the Nepali rupees against the US dollar. Sunflower oil which used to cost Rs 40 per litre has become Rs 280 per litre. The prices of rice, vegetables, pulses, all things have started increasing. The war between Russia and Ukraine has troubled people all over the world.

    The increase in the price of petroleum products, after the conflict began, has affected the cost of transportation, agricultural production, and industrial production. The low-income Nepali population will be forced to commit suicide if this continues. This is not simply a concern for Nepal; if the conflict is not resolved as quickly as possible, individuals from around the world who struggle to make ends meet will die starving.

    The rice packet that cost 1 Euro before the war is now being sold at 4 Euros, there is 200% inflation in gas prices and the crude oil whose price was $100 per barrel, now has touched a high of $139 per barrel after Russia launched an attack on Ukraine. Even Egypt’s food security is in a precarious situation since the agricultural sector is unable to produce enough grains, especially wheat, and oil seeds to serve even half of the local people as almost 85% of its wheat and 73% of its sunflower oil comes from Russia and Ukraine.

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    Even after sanctions have been imposed on Russia, the situation has not been under control. Russia has now begun to look for alternatives to the US dollar, which has been a worldwide influence and power till the date.

    Recently, the import of crude oil from Russia has increased in India amid western resistance. The trade is being done in Russian rubles and Indian rupees. In the Russian-Chinese markets, dollars are being substituted by yuan and rubles. Other oil producers and exporters have started to import and trade with Russia in a similar manner. In this way, the US dollar will be weak in the future. So it is necessary for the United States, Germany, France, and other western countries to stop the war as well because getting Russian gas and oil substitutes will become expensive for them as well.

    The Prime Minister of India does not seem to have any humanity left and has let the lust for power and money take control over him. Being one of the most influential political leaders, he has done nothing to try to cease the conflict that might turn into a world war except big talks. His words and actions contradict each other.

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    Therefore, it will not only affect the two countries directly involved but will result in the third world war ending every form of life in this world. Every nation’s leader is prepared to assert their dominance and defend their country. But who will they defend if there are no more humans on the planet as a result of the war?

    Land can be negotiated, but life is non-refundable. The land was, is, and will continue to be present for a very long time, but not our irreplaceable lives. Hence, no one should suffer as a consequence of a war. Natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis cannot be prevented, but war is a calamity that can be avoided.

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    Everyone who has been born in this world has to die someday. But losing life to war isn’t normal, it is an accident caused on purpose. The innocent people who died, lost their loved ones, got hurt both mentally and physically, got displaced due to the war or put up with any sort of loss due to the Russo-Ukrainian war did not deserve any of that.

    In President Putin’s Presidential Address to the Parliament, he has stated that they patiently held discussions about finding a peaceful end to this violent dispute while doing everything they could to address this issue calmly. Yet, the claims that Western leaders were working toward peace turned out to be a hoax and clear lies. As when they formally submitted draft agreements on security guarantees to the USA and NATO in December 2021, every major, fundamental point had been rejected.

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) established in The Hague has issued an arrest warrant against President Putin on charges of genocide in Ukraine. The ICC can only exercise jurisdiction inside the countries that are members of it, and since  Russia, the US, China, India and Ukraine are not members of the Rome Treaty, it has no authority to detain President Putin. The western media is only focused on growing their business by showing the heroism of the western countries and fueling the war. The westerners are trying to deviate from the topic and portraying Russia as the evildoer to save themselves.

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    According to President Putin, since there are obviously many trillions of dollars at stake, other countries are not concerned about disasters and human casualties. Under the false illusion of democracy and liberty, they intend to continue robbing everyone, impose neoliberal values that are essentially autocratic, publicly insult other leaders, repress dissent within their own nations, and deflect attention from rampant corruption by portraying others as the enemy.

    He has also clearly stated, “We are not at war with the people of Ukraine… The current Ukrainian regime is serving not national interests, but the interests of third countries.” It is also unequivocal that the Ukrainian president is trying to defend their sovereignty and their homeland. He has been fearlessly standing for his people but this bravery of the Ukrainian President was at the cost of the lives of numerous innocent people.

    The western nations wanting to escalate a regional conflict into a worldwide conflict  is how Russia is interpreting the situation, and they are ready to act accordingly given that it poses an existential threat to their nation. Since the whole picture is already crystal clear, why is the globe fueling the war instead of seeking a peaceful resolution?

    The Americans have militarised many nations in the past, and every nation they have “helped” has ended up in a dreadful situation. They pull out as soon as they suspect that the situation will take a turn for the worse. That is the kind of help they have been providing for decades and the other countries have been falling for the trap, the trap of false hope. The poor countries accept the economic offers made by the US and fall deeper into the swamp. Making mistakes is a common thing but making mistakes and blaming them on others is politics. And countries with greater political power are forgiven for their act as the poor countries can do nothing about it.

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    The westerners are proudly saying that they have given the immigrants from Ukraine a place to stay, but it is all for show. Giving a few hundred people a place to stay while thousands are being exposed to economic instability, homelessness, family loss, and relocation is nothing to be proud about. They are also giving out donations, millions in cash, but what will the people do with the cash when their houses are burning and their families are dying. The lives of people isn’t something to be played with.

    The Russian people are also humans, the restrictions inflicted on Russia has made their lives a nightmare. Are human rights only for the people living in Ukraine? The people living in Russia suffering due to the sanctions and the people worldwide suffering due to inflation are not as not important? Due to the fault of the leader, the whole nation, typically the whole world, is enduring hardship. This should be put to an end as soon as possible. The news channels like BBC, that have a wide reach, should stop putting up an empathising act towards Ukraine. The media should stop using the lives of Ukrainian people to grow their channel. These kinds of news aren’t going to help anyone but will only spread misinformation in the world.

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    If the leaders of these so-called powerful nations are incapable of doing anything, they should simply resign and let someone else take up the tasks they should have completed for a while now. How on earth can they live with themselves knowing that they have a secure position and are getting paid to essentially do nothing for the people? Why talk big about human rights when you can do nothing to establish global peace? What human rights will you give when there is no human left to exercise the rights?

    A true person is a person who thinks not only about himself but thinks for the sake of humanity and speaks the truth without getting scared with anything or anyone. We as humans are born for humanitarian causes, and like when sweetness is separated from sugar it loses its core value, when humanity is separated from humans, they lose their fundamental value. The world needs a person like fire who doesn’t discriminate between anyone and burns with equal degree to everyone, no matter whether they are the president or a homeless person.

    In conclusion, sanctions imposed on Russia should be removed, President Putin should think about the people and stop the war and President Zelenskyy should stop listening to the other countries and stand for what is right. It will be the defeat of neither Russia nor Ukraine but will be the victory of humanity when the conflict is resolved through diplomatic, bilateral talks between the two nations.

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    “Prevention is better than cure” while we all know about this, and seeing the war having no benefit to humanity and rather causing damage in the aftermath, nobody is even moving forward to cure the disease that has already been spread. Nobody woke up for prevention, at least let us try to cure it. Instead of being greedy and wasting time on spreading rumours, we should move towards finding a solution to this problem which is possible only through peaceful talks.

    Since the governmental authorities have been proven useless and no solutions have been discussed till now, it is the task of the common people to raise their voice against this autocracy and political advocacy and work for the establishment of peace in the world.

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