My foolish mayor

“Today I’m free as I don’t have to visit,
my work place where I used to sell,
shoes and socks on a very warm street,
of dirty and my nose had to bear smell,

of stale food which is thrown in a heat,
of the sun but it was 40 meters far away,
from my shop but actually I didn’t have,
any shop, I used to sell shoes on a way,

of narrow footpath where I had to save,
myself from being hit and protect,
my socks and shoes as it is a place,
for people which made them expect,

to reach their destiny without any stress,,
but I had captured two meters land,
of footpath so that I could sell many a pair,
of shoes, socks and from my hand,

I was able to feed my family and take care,
of them, I used to sell four shoes before,
the sun got hidden in the cozy lap of hill,
but sometimes I couldn’t sell them anymore,

so that we had to spend night with little meal,
but I didn’t let them sleep,
with a hungry stomach even a single night,
or heart might reach a deep,

garden of pain as I don’t want to give plight,
to my son, a daughter and my beautiful wife,
I didn’t want to become a cruel dad,
And a stupid husband who didn’t give good life,

but I think from now I may be a bad,
person in their eyes so that I have a desire,
to be buried in a grave as I got a notice,
from you last night and I have lost all aspire,

to sell shoes and run my life with peace,
you have stopped me from selling anything,
on a footpath as it’s land of government,
I don’t know what to do now, I’m just sitting,

on a chair beside my home which has no paint,
and is made from wood, it has some small,
holes on the roof so I usually pray and hope,
I might not see rain otherwise my wife’s shawl,

may not stop rain to enter my room though rope,
has tightened the pores, umm leave it I can,
adjust but I’m don’t know how I will,
be able to earn money, I don’t have any plan,

I know you are a new mayor but feel,
my pain sir please tell me how to find,
a customer who is ready to buy shoes of mine,
which may help me to buy food with kind,

I know you want to make our country shine,
as the star but please don’t try to invest,
your effort to adorn our country if I need,
to be suffered a lot, don’t pierce my chest,

I can’t carry this much pain, otherwise indeed,
I may die but if I die my soul will remain,
in the cage of agony if I leave my wife,
and my children in the deep problems of life,
please help me sir, I’m in the thorn of pain,

I’m not very rich so please show me a market,
where I can sell shoes, you may become a great,
person in my eyes or I wish you may die soon,
yes sir I want to see you dead before this noon.”

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