Protest in Beni, Myagdi in Support of ‘Nims Dai’

Kathmandu – A protest was held in Beni, Myagdi in support of record-breaking climber Nirmal Purja, known as ‘Nims Dai’. The protest was organized by the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) Myagdi on Thursday.

Nepali Congress MP Rajendra Bajgai had called on the government to ban Purja from entering Nepal during the zero hour of the House of Representatives meeting on Tuesday.

Bajgai cited a news article published in the New York Times regarding allegations of sexual misconduct, accusations of cutting ropes set by Sherpas on the mountains, and allowing foreigners to climb with Nepali citizenship, among other actions, as reasons for banning him.

Outraged by these remarks, the youth of ANNFSU Myagdi organized a protest in Beni Bazaar. They demanded an apology from Congress MP Bajgai.

They warned that if Bajgai does not apologize, the protest, which started in Myagdi, will become nationwide.

Protesters carried placards with slogans such as “The mountains belong to everyone, stop the syndicate,” “Nims Dai, I am with you,” “Stop defaming the nation’s pride,” and “Stop the politics against Nims Dai.”

Purja climbed Mount Everest in 2018. The photo he took of the crowded summit drew worldwide attention. During his ascent, he also rescued four other climbers.

Online video streaming platform Netflix made a documentary about him. He has guided members of the Qatari royal family, including Asma Al Thani, and Russian model Victoria Bonya.

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